"Two Clubs" 36oz Decanter

"Two Clubs" 36oz Decanter

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Evergreen Crystal and master crystal carver & artist Lorraine Coyle has created this elegant "Two Clubs” 36oz Decanter, presented by Select Home Decor and More.

The "Two Clubs” 36oz Decanter is an elegant and beautiful addition to any glassware collection. Handmade of the finest glass and hand engraved. Beautiful, regal and tall, this "Two Clubs” 36oz Decanter makes a thoughtful gift.


About Evergreen Crystal


  • EVERGREEN CRYSTAL is created through a labor-intensive process that begins with the artist, Lorraine (Lori) Coyle sketching each design by hand.
  • Each EVERGREEN CRYSTAL vessel is individually hand carved by sand expelled with varying speeds and pressures, one layer at a time. A final layer is applied to each piece as delicately and finely as air brushed artwork.
  • The multi-layered carving reaches a level of depth that accounts for its 3-dimensional detail.
  • This deliberate, lengthy process of multi-layering is unique among producers of crystal artwork.
  • In 1989, Lori received a call from The White House needing a number of vases in a mere week featuring a flag design unfurling in a field of stars. This piece became the 1989 American Success Awards, presented to notable Americans including George Strait and Norma Kamali.
  • The White House commission led to other noteworthy projects for the likes of the National Press Foundation awards (given to Ed Bradley, Barbara Walters and Ann Landers), Rose Bowl trophies, Exxon corporate awards, The Phoenix Golf Open, and the 1984 Olympic sponsor prize awards.
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