Americana Décor – Show Your Love For Your Country

Americana Décor – Show Your Love For Your Country

If you are a patriot you would love to celebrate your country’s spirit in every possible way. Having an American Décor in your home is just one of them. Yes, you can preserve your country’s heritage and share it with your dear ones by implementing Americana style of home décor.

How To Implement Americana Décor In Your Home

It’s important to appreciate the American style. A relaxed lifestyle, a love for modern life, the spirit of invention and above all, a mix of old and new define the American style. So, your home décor must reflect these to capture the true spirit of your country. Do you think it is hard to achieve? No.

Colors of the American flags, mementos of old days, family heirlooms and folk art are of the things you can use in your home to add a touch of Americana Décor. However, be careful to not overdo things. Too much of colors and use of too many of mementos would make your home look clumsy. Less is more is the key to successfully implement Americana décor.

Choose a few colors like cream or burgundy to paint the rooms. Match it up with bright red rugs or white curtains. You can use textiles with stripes or plaid to have a traditional American décor look for your home.

When it comes to choosing patterns for your home, remain loyal to paisley and floral and denim. Mix them and create a free-spirited playful look that is American at heart.

Bring the nature in. Yes, choose colors that are inspired by nature. Bright checks, soft madras, and breezy yellow - use them in your curtains and pillows for a cheery appearance.

Florals are an essential part of American decoration style. Floral motifs on linens and bed sheets, floral prints on cushions form an integral part of American lifestyle. Fresh flowers in the vases can make your rooms look bright and beautiful. However, a wreath on the door would also do the trick for you.

There are certain things that remind of traditional American life. A vintage chest, chairs, red painted walls, travel souvenirs collected through the years – show your love for your country by displaying these in your home.

American Vintage

Use pillow covers in the American flag design or choose vintage banners to decorate your home. Play with colors, use your own ideas and experiment with the theme – this is how American style has evolved. You can easily implement Americana Décor by following what your heart tells you.