​How To Set A Proper Dinner Table

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​How To Set A Proper Dinner Table



Are you planning to throw a birthday bash for your friends? Are you worried about setting the dinner table? Don’t worry. We are here to help you. Let’s learn how to set dinner table so that you amaze your friends with your party hosting skills.


Basic Table Setting Guide

Most people are so frightened by the array of things they have to place on the table that they consider table setting a very difficult task. However, the task becomes easier if you start with the basic things. Let’s start with the most fundamental items that you have to place on the dining table and then we would move on with more varied ones.

For the most basic table setting, you have to place the plate at the center of the mat with the fork on the left and the knife on the right, with its sharp edge facing the plate and the spoon by its side.



You can place the napkin on the plate or beneath the fork. 

For informal lunch and dinner parties, follow the basic setting and add the other elements. The soup bowl should be placed over the plate with the soup spoon to the right of the beverage spoon. Bread and butter plates or salad plates must be placed to the left of the fork. Place the cup and plate above the spoons with the handle turned right. If you want to keep any glass for water or wine, put it on the left of the cup.


Formal Dinner Table Setting

This can get a bit hard as more cutleries are added. For a formal dinner table, you have to include red and white wine glasses. Place them on the left of the cup. If you want to set the table completely before the guests take their seat, place the soup and dessert spoons on the right of the knife. Or else, you can bring them when serving the items.



To dress up the dinner table, put a charger under the table.

These are general table setting guidelines that you can follow while hosting parties. To make your party special, you can give the table a personal touch.


Hosting A Special Dinner Party


Use your fancy china or silver cutlery. Use linen cloths that go with the room décor and the color of the crockery used. Using place cards is a good idea. The centerpiece should not be too big or too tall. 

Fill the water goblets with water and serve the salads in individual plates before asking the guests to sit.

Setting up a dinner table becomes easy if you plan everything. Don’t fret but use your intelligence and creativity to amaze your guests.


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