10 Tips To Prepare Your Home For Thanksgiving Dinner

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10 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Thanksgiving Dinner


Don’t let Thanksgiving become a stressful event where you spend rushing around instead of enjoying with loved ones. Just because you are the host doesn’t mean you have to be on your toes the entire time!

Take a look at these pointers – advance prep is always beneficial:

  • Planning the menu well in advance is a must. Whether you opt for a plated, buffet or potluck dinner, choosing the menu beforehand ensures you feel relaxed and calm on this day. Check out blogs for recipes or comb through your cookbooks.
  • Once the menu planning is done, make sure your kitchen has sufficient serving utensils, cookware, and other tools that will be needed to prepare dinner. Check thoroughly so you can buy or borrow something when there is still time.
  • Setting the table is important regardless of whether you have a casual or formal dinner – select proper table linen, dinnerware, cutlery, serveware, etc. If you are using silverware, it should be polished and ready by dinner.
  • No Thanksgiving dinner is complete without a succulent turkey, so if it is frozen, you need to thaw it in advance as it needs a day to thaw for every four pounds in weight. In case you plan to brine it, you have to defrost it a day before.

  • Gravy is yet another item that is very important so make and freeze it. You can add turkey drippings to the gravy at the last minute for a more authentic flavor.
  • Cranberry sauce is easy to forget, even though it is essential for Thanksgiving. Don’t wait till the last minute to make it or you might have to host dinner without it. Keep it in the refrigerator tor freeze it – choice is yours!
  • Whether you enjoy rolls along with your meal, or prefer to save the bread for a small turkey sandwich after the initial food coma has worn off, this is one recipe that's easy to make ahead and freeze until your holiday dinner.
  • What pie are you baking? Is it apple, pecan, or pumpkin? Regardless of the flavor, it is advisable to get started on the crust beforehand.
  • Check to see if your wine cellar is well-stocked as it will be embarrassing if you run out in the midst of dinner. Keep a few extra bottles based on the head count.
  • Last but not the least, don’t forget about entertainment. Even though dinner is the main event, guests might enjoy some music and dancing, while kids prefer to watch TV or play video games.


Even though advance planning seems tedious, it ensures that Thanksgiving dinner goes off without a hitch!




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