Baby Shower Party – How To Plan It Perfectly

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Baby Shower Party – How To Plan It Perfectly



The stork is soon going to visit your best friend and you want to share the good news with everyone. Planning a baby shower becomes easy if you keep in mind the comfort and personality of the mom-to-be. Read on to host the most memorable and enjoyable baby shower.


Select The Date And Time

This is the first step. Consult the would-be-mom and find a suitable date and time. Usually, baby showers are thrown in the seventh month of pregnancy when the would-be-mom is comfortable and have plenty of time on hand to plan her delivery.


Fix The Basic Things

Budget – That’s the primary thing to decide as a lot of the things you want to do depends on it. With a fairly large budget, you can have an elaborate guest list, book a fancy restaurant and treat the guests to a sumptuous meal.



Venue – The home is a great place to have a baby shower. Else, if your budget permits, you can choose the favorite restaurant of the would-be-mom. Another nice idea would be to host the party outdoors. If you have any park nearby, head there to host the baby shower. A beach would be an ideal location to have a barbeque baby shower. All of you can relax, enjoy the sun and the sea, especially the mom-to-be.

Create the guest list – This may take some time as you need to discuss a lot but mostly this would depend on your budget.

If you choose your home as the venue, there would be a lot of things to plan and do like choosing a theme.


Theme Of The Baby Shower

You can really go creative here. If you know the gender of the baby, choose a gender-based theme like princess, mermaid, and lullaby for girls. If it’s a boy, choose spaceships, strollers, any sport or a classic storybook character.


Send Out The Invitations

 You can create the invitations on your own or get them designed by online stores. Nowadays, sending electronic invitations has become common which saves time.



Plan In Detail

Around two weeks before the occasion, you should plan the menu, décor, and activities. Keep in mind the preference of the guest of honor while choosing the dishes.

If you are planning a lot of activities, serve the food in miniature portions so that everybody can take part in the games as well as stay refreshed.

Activities – Get a photo booth to capture snaps with the guest of honor, or a craft competition. Have a scrapbook to share the thoughts.

Favors – Stick to the theme and choose musical CDs, homemade chocolates, candles, scented soaps or picture frames.

You have planned everything and just relax and enjoy the party now.

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