Combining Modern Furniture with Rustic Décor and Accents

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Combining Modern Furniture with Rustic Décor and Accents

Incorporating modern furniture with rustic accents and décor, when done correctly can yield stunning results. It imparts warmth to monochromatic spaces and allows you to design your home to reflect your personality in a wonderful manner. When smartly selected and properly placed, modern rustic decor enhance today's lifestyles while establishing charming looks sure to endure for years to come.

Pay attention to materials

A modern rustic home has great influences of nature in it. If you have refurbished an old home, take care to preserve the character and original architectural detail. Build exposed beams, use reclaimed wood, and put in a stone fireplace. Opt for wood-covered ceilings or large beams on top.

Keep the fabrics natural

While buying upholstery, linens, cushions, and throw pillows, remember to stick to simple designs with a natural element. In fact it is a good idea to opt for fabrics without a print.

Fireplace is a must

This style is all about being cozy, so you definitely need a fireplace. You can choose a rustic style in stone, or a modern wood stove. No matter your choice, a wood-burning fireplace best fits this natural-style home.

Smart and clean designs

Contemporary furniture is fuss-free, yet eye-catching. Buy a picnic-like trestle table and wicker chairs boasting gray-washed finishes for your dining space, and make sure the wood-clad ceiling is complemented by a lighter limestone floor. A simple light fixture in white beautifully merges the modern elements with rustic finishes.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

In a living room, a brick fireplace and a barn door on a heavy iron track contribute rustic dimension in modern ways. Teal paint on the door and white and black paint on the fireplace update the classic structures. Colorful finishes convert the functional features into focal points that further the room's color scheme and complement natural wood floors, sleek metal furnishings, and a stone-top table.

Create a comfy space

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, which means it should be cozy and exude visual appeal at the same time. It can be accomplished using organic materials and man-made fittings. For instance, combine concrete floors, rock-clad walls, white-painted woodwork, and glossy ceilings to get an enigmatic effect. Striped headboards, patterned pillows, sheer bed curtains and a formal chaise contribute to the rustic element.

There are several exciting ways to fuse different styles – these are just a few ideas for you to get started with!

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