Decorating For Fall

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Decorating For Fall


Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons. It is one of our favorite seasons. And why not? 


The blowing wind, the sound of rustling leaves and the changing color on the trees all add up to a pleasant few months before the onset of Winter.  The hues of orange, red and gold on the trees makes everything more beautiful. The beauty of the season makes fall a serene experience. It is a great season to get those cameras out and capture nature at its best. But it is not just the weather. It is also the season where we can expect pumpkins in everything. We all love our Pumpkin Spice Latte and the Pumpkin Pies that have become part of the entire fall experience. It is also the season when we begin to gather around campfires. And his school and college students it is the season of new beginnings.


And finally, let's not forget it's the season of Halloween!  But we will get to that later in our discussion.


The delicious desserts, the pleasantly cold weather, and the changing fashion all make autumn a season to look forward to. The new season brings with it new beginnings. And with new beginnings come new home decor.  With the fall in temperature, we begin looking around the house to identify cozy spots that we can just cuddle up in. Fall is the perfect season to reinvent your home. And there are different ways in which this can be done.  Some of our favorite ways are discussed below.


Play With The Colors: To decorate for fall one easy thing to do is to play with shades of pink, purple, orange and gold. These go really well with the colors of fall and will spice up your home. The colors can be incorporated by changing wallpapers or doing something as simple as bringing in new napkins and table cloths. You can also consider changing the colors of your decorative pillows and bed linens.  Another good option is to change the carpet in the room.  It can be changed to any of the colors mentioned above or any earthy tones that would go well with the colors fall. It is also the season when pop colors such as Deep Maroon and Dark Red can be incorporated with daily accessories. 


Colors can also be added into the front yard and the porch of your home. Bring in potted plants that add color to the porch. Flowering plants are a great way to liven up the porch during fall.  And in October bring in the Pumpkins!


Add Creative Displays: Fall is a fun time to add creative displays around the house. One such easy example is to gather up the dried leaves with branches from around the yard. This can be beautifully arranged in a centerpiece either in the living room or your dining table. Let’s not forget that autumn is the season of harvest and nothing speaks of harvest more than wheat sheaves. Use them to decorate different parts of the house. They can be used to wraparound candles or even just set to it up on the table. This is a great way to welcome the season into your home. 


Decorate With Pumpkins: Pumpkins are the best home decor one could ask for during the season of Fall. But there are many ways that we can get creative with pumpkin. It is not necessary that the only way to display pumpkins is whole or carved for Halloween. If fun and creative experiments are to paint on pumpkins and display that in your room. Pumpkins can also replace flower vases, fruit and vegetable baskets and other natural displays. A beautifully painted pumpkin decorated with dried leaves or flowers would make a great centerpiece for the dining table display or on the living room table



Use Easy DIY Displays: We don't have to look far to decorate our houses during Fall. Use the things that the season has to offer to add beauty to your home.  An interesting project can be to take up leaf art and display that on the living room wall. You can also collect a ton of pine cones and wood to make and decorate innovative wood-based frames. These don't just have to work for the Fall but can be a permanent display piece. These are just two examples. Keep your eyes open, look around and use what nature has to offer to add beauty to your home, and remember orange is not the only color of Fall. Experiment with different elements, different colors and different themes. Don’t shy away from using what is around you. 


Create Cozy Rooms: One of the best ways to decorate our home during the Fall season is to make it more cozy and warm. This can be done easily in many ways. The first thing that can be done is to bring in more throw pillows.  These pillows can have the colors of autumn as discussed above. But don't be afraid to think outside the box and bring and bright and popping colors.  The second thing that you can do is to invest in throws. Throws don't just add Elegance to the room but are perfect to wrap around and cuddle while having conversations with your family or just spending time in front of the TV. The third thing that can be done is to change the carpet into something that is softer and warmer. This will not just help get through the Fall season but will also sustain us through winter. 


Don't Be Afraid To Go All Out For Halloween:  And finally, we are here! It is the month of October, the month of Halloween!  Decorating for Halloween is always a fun process. So don't be afraid to go all out for it. Amp up the element of a scare in your porch and backyard. If you are in a household with kids then all the more reason to invest in decorating for Halloween.  Carve out Jack-O-Lanterns, bring in the lights and convert your house into a fan scare house. One can never get too old to enjoy the spirit of Halloween. 



The six ideas discussed above are simple and easy ones that one can adapt to decorate the house for the season of Fall. However, there are many other ways that one can adopt in order to welcome Fall and prepare for Winter. It is all about getting creative and thinking outside the box. Use the ideas discussed here as a baseline and try as many things as you can. Do not hesitate to invest in some Fall Home Decor. And of course, you can use this time to tap into your creativity and build home decor with the things around you. Either way don't be afraid to go crazy and all out in your decorations. At the end of the day, it is important that you feel happy, cozy and comfortable in your home surrounded by the things that make you happy!


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