Finding The Perfect Gift

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Finding The Perfect Gift



Finding someone the perfect gift can be one of the hardest things to do. We try to remember instances where they may have mentioned what they wanted. Was there something that was missing when you last visited them? Shouldn’t you get something useful? And the most daunting question of all, will they like what we pick out for them? Talk about stressful times!


Just a few years ago while on the mission of purchasing a good gift, we would set aside a day and wander from one shop to another getting frustrated as the day progress with little or no success. Fortunately for us, things have changed now. We no longer have to block our calendars to drive across town in order to purchase the perfect gift from the perfect shop that is always somehow far from where we live. With technology and the internet, we are offered the opportunity to shop from the comfort of our homes and offices. We have access to websites literally from the palms of our hands and shopping via social media platforms have also become increasingly popular. 


While there is an array of choices available for us when it comes to shopping for ourselves, the question of "What would be a perfect gift?’’ still remains. Most often, people go for the easiest options which are a coffee mug or a beautiful vase. Although these are never bad gifts, we can get more creative when picking out the perfect gift for those we care about. But if you ask us, one of the best options to turn to is home décor. Simply because there is much that we can learn about a person’s sense of aesthetics from their home and therefore choosing a gift for them within this category will not be as challenging as maybe purchasing a fashion accessory. Also within the home décor niche, there are some classic gifts and designs that cannot go wrong as a gift. You just have to remember to keep the gift simple and classy. 


So where do you begin? 


Gifts can be chosen based on interests of the person, your relationship with them, the season, an occasion etc. There is no fixed factor or indicator that can define the baseline for choosing a gift. 


For Everyone: One gift that you cannot go wrong with for any occasion or season are scented candles. Scented candles have gained popularity in the recent years as a calming presence to have in the household. People use scented candles to work, meditate, and wind down at the end of the day or to enjoy a quiet candlelit dinner at home with their loved ones. Along with beautiful fashion and beautiful interiors, the beautiful smell has now become an essential part of home décor. Candles are now inspired not just by soothing smells such as lavender or jasmine but also by memories such as the candles that smell like campfires. The campfire candles have gained massive popularity. Today, there are many experiments in terms of smell that are done with candles that give them a unique spin such as the ‘’Strawberry Banana Coconut Candle’’ or the ‘’Margarita Coconut Candle’’. It is not only unique in smell but also comes with a unique packaging (the coconut)! Another advantage of gifting candles is that the packaging of the candle can be designed and/or chosen based on the occasion. Luckily for you, we offer custom-made candles that would make a great gift for anyone or any event!


For the little ones: Toddlers are some of the easiest (little) humans to shop for. They may have strong likes and dislikes and create a ruckus in the household, especially when they open a gift they aren’t typically excited for. But, once they like something, they are loyal to it. They sleep with their soft toys, take them everywhere and essentially make their toys a part of their being. Everything toddlers see is a new discovery. Therefore, a very useful gift to provide for toddlers would be toys that help with their brain development. These may be building blocks that can help them understand shapes or how to build a basic structure. Another option is to get them gifts that will help them understand colors and learn about the world in a visual sense. Many popular toy stores sell any of these toys. The second option is to get the little ones something they can cozy-up in.  Located in our online "Toddler Section", you can find the cutest Alligator Rattle Blankie that toddlers are bound to love! Alternatively, you can also choose an adorable Blossom Bunny Pillow Play Mat from here. And of course, you can think out of the box and choose a gift that the baby and the parents will both enjoy such as the Baby Porringer With A Spoon Set or something similar. 



For Him & Her: When choosing gifts for family, it is always good when the gift has a personal touch. When we know someone well, getting the perfect gift is a much easier thing to do. But while choosing for new friends, neighbours or colleagues, this may be easier said than done. From fashion to technology to home décor, the options are endless. However, there are few go-to gift options that you cannot go wrong with. Listed below are a few examples. 


  1. Plants and Floral: Plants always bring joy to people. They add greenery to a home and bring with them fresh air. Check out Select Home Décor & More’s potted Purple lavender plant or the Pink African violets that come in beautiful metal pots and will make wonderful gifts. Plants such as lavender have a soothing effect and thus make a good addition to any household. Apart from this, the purple in the lavender will also add a touch of colour in any room.
  2. Cushions and Rugs: Cushions and cushion covers make some of the best gifts. It is a household accessory that everyone uses and people rarely get enough of. Today, cushion covers can also be custom made in different ways. This allows us to add a hint of a personal touch while choosing a gift. Decorative pillows will always be a unique gift. Similarly, people may not invest in carpets and rugs often because the quality ones don’t come cheap. Therefore, getting someone carpets and rugs for their home will be a welcoming gift. 
  3. Bags: Everyone likes bags! It is another accessory that people may not invest in often or will wait for the current ones to wear and tear before choosing to buy a new bag. Backpacks and easy wear totes are great gifts to give someone. Consider the Jute Pocket Tote, a custom hand-woven bag, while choosing your next gift.


Purchasing gifts do not have to be as daunting as it seems to be. There are always simple and easy gifts we can turn to and cannot go wrong with. By purchasing gifts that are not only pretty but also useful in some way or add a pleasant essence to a room, we can ensure that our gifts are liked and well received. Also, with the increasing number of shopping websites, such as Select Home Décor & More, that offer various options to shop at the ease of your home and/or office, purchasing the perfect gift for someone has only become easier. 


What are you waiting for? Get on the internet and start shopping for the perfect gift!

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