Top Home Decor Trends For 2017

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Top Home Decor Trends For 2017




With 2017 entering its last quarter, it is time to give your home décor a complete overhaul. Introduce colors, accents, and other accessories to revamp the overall look and ambience of your home.

Here are a few popular home décor trends – take a look:


Go Green

Even though fall indicates that leaves are changing color from green to orange outdoors, it is time to go green in your home. Combine it with rich natural wood and leather, while incorporating cream and brass accents – the color looks great for both fall and colder months ahead.

Relaxing Alcove

If you feel that digital devices have overtaken your life, you need to carve out a relaxing retreat right in the middle of that chaos.  Nowadays, people are creating cozy, more intimate areas in their homes to serve as tech-free sanctuaries. Surround the sleeping space with lace curtains or canopies from a faux wooden beam. Pull a comfy chair into a corner for an instant reading nook, or hang a hammock inside and layer with soft blankets.


Change Fabric

Velvet not only looks gorgeous, but it imparts a soothing feel as well. When combined with natural textures such as reclaimed wood, woven baskets, smooth metals, or ceramics, it in incorporates a captivating aura and coziness to any room. Get an upholstered chair or some velvet cushions and throw pillows instead.


Woven Textures

Woven textiles and accents can bring depth and character to any room they are placed in. You can hang baskets to create a focal point on the wall, buy a basket to hold fruit as a centerpiece for the dining table, or put plants in wicker stands. Don’t overdo this theme – if you want to soften it slightly use pillows and throws, metal side tables, mirrors, etc.


A hint of blush can totally transform the living space. Ditch millennial pink for home accents in a range of blush shades. It could be pillows, painted planters, or other accessories – let your creative genius take charge.


Faux Finishes

You don’t have to spend a fortune for a few improvements to your home. Faux finishes are the “in thing” these days and easy on the pocket too. Removable wall papers, stick on subway tiles, faux florals, wooden beams, floor decals etc. give a fresh and warm appearance.


Your home is your sanctuary – take time to decorate it properly so you feel comfy, and it creates a good impression on guests.

Comment your thoughts and opinions below about your favorite home decor trends for 2017! 

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