Home Décor Trends For 2018 – Get An Early Insight

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Home Décor Trends For 2018 – Get An Early Insight!


Are you ready to welcome the new year? What about your home? If you are thinking of remodeling your house or giving it a glamorous look, you need to know the upcoming trends of 2018. Here is a quick guide to the home décor trends for 2018.


Get the color palette right

Colors play a huge role in home décor and every year the trend changes. Pink has been a favorite for quite some time but for the coming year, lavender is going to be the in-color.  Used with deeper accents or bold colors, pink, lilac, and lavender can create a soft and soothing effect. Green, the natural color would retain its popularity. People are loving it in different shades.


Patterns and designs

Geometric patterns and abstract designs never go out of fashion but the forms change. After triangles, it’s time for circles to enjoy the limelight. Big and small, in multiple colors, printed on curtains and pillow covers, look out for the circles this year.


Go brassy

If you have any old and vintage brass lamp shade or vases or even bathroom fittings, take them out. The yellow and bright metal started gaining popularity in 2016 and is expected to rule 2018. Warm, bright, and subtle, brass adds richness to any décor. So go brassy this year.


Curve is in, straight is out

It’s not only with colors and designs, people are experimenting with shapes also. The L-shaped sofas are giving way to curved ones. Curved seating arrangements create a nice cozy space, they fit rectangular rooms also. So, if you want to buy new sofas for your living room, go for the curved ones.


Natural is the way

People are preferring to go natural when it comes to decorating their homes. Stones and woods are used more to gave homes a natural accent. For rugs, wool, silk, and natural fibers are becoming more popular.


Warm colors are back

People are warming up to warm colors again. After a short spell, the cool colors are taking a retreat. Yellow is back, red is being seen more on furniture, upholstery, and even on the walls. These warm colors add warmth and grandeur to the décor.


Choose big and beautiful floral designs

If you love boho designs, take your love a step forward by going big on floral designs. Yes, big and beautiful floral designs are predicted to become popular this year.


Apart from these, geometric designs, velvet furnishings and large tiles are other trends that would become popular in 2018. So, you have got an insight into future home décor trends. Go creative and share with us how you applied them.

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