How To Take Care of Your Indoor Plants For A Long Life

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How To Take Care of Your Indoor Plants For A Long Life



Having indoor plants is the easiest and most inexpensive way to bring nature into your house. You can create a natural, tranquil and colorful look with a few potted plants. However, you need to take care of the houseplants properly to ensure a long life.


Understand The Plants

All plants need three basic things, sunlight, food, and water. Different plants need these three things in different quantities to thrive. So, before getting plants for your home, you need to check their requirements. Read about them and choose plants that can survive in your indoors. Along with proper lighting and watering, humidity and temperature are other two factors that affect houseplants.


Choose Your Houseplants

Choose the spots where you want to place the plants. This is important to match the lighting, humidity, and temperature with the requirements of the plants. If you have a sunny window you can choose blooming plants for such sports. However, if there is a small space with moderate light, tough plants like snake plant or cast iron plant would survive well.


The Right Amount of Water

Plants need water but the quantities vary. While most plants require the roots to be kept moist, some can survive on very little water. A careful inspection of the plants is all you need to determine whether they need watering. Don’t let the plants wilt or the soil to get dry.


If your houseplants are not getting enough water, the leaves may grow slowly or drop prematurely. The leaves may get yellowed or develop curled edges. So, look out for these signs and determine how much to water them.




Along with watering, good drainage is also important for the plants to stay healthy. Always use containers with holes to place your plants. Using organic potting soil for houseplants is a good idea to ensure drainage.


Find The Right Spot For Your Houseplants

Some spots are unfavorable for plants like near air conditioning ducts. Avoid placing them in between curtains or near frosty windows. The best place would be near windows, preferably on the eastern or western side to receive enough sunlight.


Protect From Pests

To ensure a long life of the plants, you need to protect them from pests. Check the plants thoroughly before buying them. Once you get them home, keep them separated for a couple of weeks to ensure they are healthy. While watering all the plants, check the leaves on both sides for pests or diseases.


Apart from these tips, always clean the leaves with a moist cloth or sprinkle them with water to prevent dust from settling on them. Pick the spent blooms from flowering plants.


Love them, give them proper care and your potted friends would add cheer and vibrancy to your home for many years.





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