How to Make Your Home Cozier

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How to Make Your Home Cozier

Do you feel something is amiss from your home? Does it lack a “warm feel”, especially during fall? At times, we can buy the best décor, but fail to create an inviting ambience. It happens mostly for those who have recently bought new homes –it takes time for a dwelling to reflect the nature and character of their owners.

Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Putting up some pictures is one of the most lucrative ways to make your home truly yours. It could be photos of loved ones or paintings that complement the overall atmosphere of your home.
  • Yet another way to make your home cozier is to include wooden furniture that impart a warm and comfy feel – at times it is good not to incorporate trappings of modern life. The natural touch does wonders for the ambience of your home!
  • Rather than using glaring and harsh colors, opt for muted and earthy shades as these hues and tones soften the overall ambience and are easy on the eyes. They create an aura of peace and serenity.
  • Use bronze trays, vases, bowls etc. instead of silver items to incorporate more warmth in the surroundings. Place a fall-colored ceramic or clay pot of fresh flowers on a side table next to a chair. Sunflowers look amazing during this time.
  • An area rug is a good idea as well in the living room, dining space, or bedroom – in fact you can place rugs everywhere with open and unused floor space. Open spaces give your home a more detached and uninhabited feel to it. By placing an area rug in such spaces, you keep that space open while eradicating the feel that it is empty.
  • Add some throw pillows in your living room or bedroom. Make sure you coordinate with existing furnishings, upholstery, artwork and accessories. Bring out the soft, tasseled throw that is too comfy for the hot summer months. Drape it over a chair, sofa or bed to add visual warmth and layering.
  • If you are artistic in nature, create potpourri with pine cones and dried leaves. Alternatively, an elongated bowl with seasonal veggies and pine cones looks amazing too.
  • Use window drapes as a finishing touch as they can absorb sound and muffle loud noises, thus contributing to the tranquility of the surroundings.


Try out these pointers for making your home cozier and you will definitely like the end result!



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