Tips to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Living Space

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Tips to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Living Space


Creating outdoor spaces isn’t just to expand your home's living and functional areas – it is also about increasing aesthetics of your lawn, landscaped garden, pool area or backyard. Not only does your home look great and gives the opportunity for outdoor relaxation and social activities with loved ones, but it also enhances curb appeal if you wish to sell your property in future.

But then again, if you don’t choose the right outdoor garden furniture or position them accordingly, it could turn the entire space into a disaster. Here are a few pointers that could come in handy:

Match furniture with theme

Outdoor furniture is available with a variety of materials such as wood, willow, bamboo, rattan and natural plant materials, along with wrought iron, aluminum, PVC, resin, and other plastics. While choosing the material for furniture pieces, please keep in mind the kind of look or mood you want your outdoor spaces to carry. If you want a traditional, homey, or rustic look, wood such as teak cut into chunky furniture pieces can complete your garden landscapes. For a tropical feel, wicker rattan furniture is the ideal choice, while French-inspired themes require intricately designed wrought iron pieces such as small painted metal chairs with charming curves.



Create a focal point

Focal points ensure a sense of wholeness and organization among outdoor furniture pieces. It could be something already existing and stationary in your outdoor area, such as a tree, backyard pool, warm fire pit, or fountain established as part of a landscaping design. Alternatively, it might be an attractive sofa, circular daybed, or uniquely designed coffee table. A swing can work wonders as a focal point, especially if it is made of wood or copper and positioned in a central spot.



Accessorize away!

Add cushions, pillows or shawls to your outdoor chairs and lounges – these accessories are amazing when it comes to incorporating colors and accents to outdoor living spaces. It works out splendidly if you wish to coordinate the outdoor color scheme with that of the interior. Throw on a couple of shawls in rich colors and interesting patterns over a rattan chair or hammock to create a modish look. If you have used cane seats, some cushions and accent pillows can accentuate visual appeal.


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