Preparing For An Epic Summer Bash!

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Preparing For An Epic Summer Bash!



Summer is here with its bright sky, cool breeze and the promise of good times. It is the right time to organize bashes and enjoy the company of your dear ones. How would you throw the best Summer Bash? Here are the tips to make your parties memorable.



Planning The Party


Yes, to make a party successful, you need to plan it. Make a list of invitees at least three weeks in advance so that they get enough time to respond and you to plan the decoration. 


Let’s begin with the theme. Yes, a Summer Bash becomes more enjoyable with a theme. You can get creative here with themes like Hawaiian blues, the 90’s or Summer sports. You can also choose a color themed party. Go for white or bright colors like orange or green.




Ask your guests to dress down for the party. It would be so much fun when people are dressed according to the season and let their hair loose and enjoy. 


Decorate your space. Now, if you are hosting the party indoors, you have to make sure there is plenty of space for the kids to play. If you have a yard, even a small one, use it to host an outdoor bash. There are so many ways to decorate a Summer Bash!


Go for the colors, that’s what Summer is all about. Hang water balloons for the kids to play. You can have a giant bubble station for the kids. Just hang a huge frame from a tree and use it as a photo booth. 


Show your concern for your guests by keeping sunscreen lotion and bug sprays handy. Create a huge Jenga set by cutting out big cardboard pieces. Arrange a few games for the grown-ups also. Have a small table with burger buns and an assortment of spreads. Your guests can prepare their own burgers and treat each other with them.


Food is an integral part of every party. Since it is Summer, burgers, grilled food and BBQs can be enjoyed. Serve frozen fruit balls as a healthy option for your guests. Tacos would be a great choice too. 



You can serve ice shot glasses with chilled liquor. Having a mini bar in the backyard would please your guests. They would also like to have a frozen salad to refresh themselves. Include lemonade, sorbet, and other soft drinks on the menu.


I hope with these ideas and your creativity you can host the best Summer Bash for your friends. Keep things playful, don’t stress yourself and make all the arrangements prior to the party so that you also enjoy yourself.

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