Reclaimed Wood Or Brand New Furniture- Which One You Should Choose While Furnishing Your Home?

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Reclaimed Wood or Brand New Furniture?

Which One You Should Choose While Furnishing Your Home?



If you are furnishing your home and visiting furniture shops to get the right furniture, you must have faced the same dilemma as most homeowners face today. Should you get brand new furniture or use reclaimed ones for your home? Let’s find out the difference between them.



What Is Reclaimed Wood?



As the name suggests, reclaimed wood is the lumber that has been reclaimed from old structures. Barns and warehouses are the best sources of reclaimed wood. This wood has a unique rustic look that can be used to create furniture with a modern rustic look. These pieces look natural and organic and can give your home a unique character.


Reclaimed wood has individual markings and knots that are unique. Each piece is different and that’s why they are special. With all the different markings and grains, the furniture made from reclaimed wood stand out elegantly.



What Is New Wood?



New timber, on the other hand, is usually grown in plantations. They are protected from nature and hence does not show the markings that are characteristic of reclaimed timber. Thus, this type of wood has a consistent tone. Straight and uniform grain patterns are their common feature. 



New or Reclaimed Wood Furniture - Which One Would Suit Your Home?


When it comes using new or reclaimed furniture, you need to weigh their pros and cons. Reclaimed wood looks good in naturally styled houses where each piece of furniture retains its own character. Homes decorated with coastal themes are the best places to show off reclaimed wood furniture. You can also use reclaimed wood furniture to decorate luxe industrial styled dining rooms. Imagine sitting around a big barn harvest table with your family members and reliving the old days.


New lumber comes with a low feature that makes them ideal for minimalist designs. New wood furniture is perfect for modern homes with a contemporary design where each piece gels with the entire décor to create a cohesive look.


The price also plays a huge role in choosing brand new or reclaimed wood furniture. Recycled wood is expensive. Reclaiming old wood, removing the nails and preparing the wood to create new furniture pieces is time- consuming and hence costly. 


It is also not possible to always get the right reclaimed wood with the grain pattern you are looking for.


While furnishing your home, you need to keep in mind the décor style, your lifestyle, and budget before selecting brand new or reclaimed wood. Having a single recycled wood furniture may disrupt the décor. So, think wisely, look around and choose the right furniture for your home.

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