Recycle Your Old Furniture And Home Décor For A More Interesting Look

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Recycle Your Old Furniture And Home Décor For A More Interesting Look




Is there any piece of furniture in your home that you don’t want to part with? Maybe your grandfather’s old chair or the windows that remind you of your childhood? There is a charm in old décor that we find so comfortable and don’t want to give up. If you are also one of those nostalgia struck people, here is a way to preserve your favorite décor or furniture while giving it a new look. Recycling and repurposing would help you to come up with innovative ways to give old décor a new look or make something new out of old furniture pieces.


Wooden Pallets – Recycle Them To Create Interesting Furniture





Every house has these. Stacks of wooden pallets that we have got used to seeing around. Did you know they can be made into a variety of furniture items? From bed to sofas to cabinets, there are so many ways to recycle the wooden pallets. 


Paint the pallets in your favorite color and put them together to make a cabinet for the living room. If you like the rustic look of the pallets, don’t paint them. Use them to make a wooden bench for the porch. The wooden pallets would gel nicely with the garden. For a more interesting look, place colorful pillows on the bench. 


Pallets can be used to make loungers also. Color them in vibrant shades to make your poolside look cheerful. 


If you love gardening, you can use pallets to hold your gardening tools. They can be used to make baby cot too. Just a pinch of creativity and all your pallets can be recycled into useful pieces of furniture to add character to your home.


Create New Furniture From Old Windows  





Do you remember how you used to stare at the moon through the window of your bedroom before drifting into sleep? When remodeling a house, the first things that we discard are the windows and doors. Have you wondered how you can retain these wooden wonders that are associated with so many lovely memories?


You can recycle windows easily. Instead of selling them at yard sales, repurpose them to create something useful. 


Clean an old window, remove the glasses and use it as a wreath display. Put it on the living room wall for a farmhouse feel. 


If you love to add greenery to your home but don’t have enough space, use a window as a pot rack. After removing the glasses, hang the window from the ceiling of the kitchen. Use it to hang your pots of herbs or succulents. Your kitchen would get a new look while your guests appreciate your creativity.


Old storm windows can be innovatively repurposed into a greenhouse. You need a little bit of time to give these windows a new life. Boost your green thumb with a little greenhouse of your own.

French windows can be recycled to create hinged screens for your living room. Use decorative glasses for a brighter appeal.


Do you love painting? Are you looking for ways to showcase your artwork? Use the windows as frames. Vintage windows would look good as artwork backdrops. Hang them on the wall or place them on the mantel. Your paintings would get an innovative frame that would draw a lot of attention too.


If you have kids at home a chalkboard would help you to note down important dates. Use the windows to create a chalkboard. You need to tape off the glasses and spray with chalkboard paint. Put it up in your kitchen or in the corridor for the entire family to check for important notices.


Do you love antique looks? Give your bathrooms a vintage touch with a window repurposed as a bathroom cabinet. You can keep its original wooden look for a farmhouse effect or give the window a fresh coat of paint. Organize your towels and bathroom essentials in this DIY cabinet that you would be proud of.


Open living rooms are great but they lack privacy. You can address this issue by having a movable partisan created out of old windows. Yes, reclaim timber windows, remove the glasses and paint them according to your home décor. Use this when you want to separate the kitchen from the living room.


Smaller windows can be made into jewelry organizers. You need plenty of ideas and a little bit of time to recycle the windows to hold your earrings and necklaces. Put them at the back of the doors to save space or use an empty wall to hold them. Fix them with glasses to protect your delicate pieces. With such an organizer you can always find the matching pieces easily.


Are you wondering what to do with a simple window that you are not using anymore? Make it into a mirror for your living room or corridor. Fix the mirrors, you can use multiple ones and hang this wonderful mirror for everyone to appreciate your home décor.


Your outdoors also need something new. Use the reclaimed windows to create a colorful fence for the garden. 


If your bedroom looks too simple, jazz it up with a new headboard. You won’t have to spend a few hundred dollars on it though. Place some old windows above your bed after distressing them a little to get the desired look. 


Give Your Home A Makeover With Old Furniture Pieces





Your living room can do with a new coffee table. However, you don’t have to buy one. Recycle a reclaimed door to create a rustic coffee table to create a contemporary home décor look.


If you are good at carpentry, you can make a dining table also with an old door. You need to chop off the sides and give it a new shape along with legs too. If you have log slices lying round in your home, use them to make accent tables. Recycle metal chair legs for your newly made tables.


Sturdy wooden doors can be used to make loungers too. Color them or throw colorful towels on them for creating a bright look.


Two-tiered end tables are so useful. If you have one at home, color it to hold your knickknacks. Use it in your living room to give it a vintage touch.


Metal typewriter tables were also a common feature in most homes. give your grandpa’s typewriter table a new life by using it as a side table in your bedroom.


If your kitchen cabinets look shabby, you can repaint them and fix new drawer to repurpose them. Without breaking your account, you would be giving the kitchen a nice makeover.


We don’t use stereo cabinets anymore. If you have one that is attached to your childhood, it would be nice to repurpose it and make it a part of your home décor. Stereo cabinets can give way to bar tables with some rework.


Your granny played the piano so well but now it doesn’t operate. Retain her memories by converting it into a wall cabinet to hold your books. Such a uniquely shaped cabinet would become the focal point of any living room.


Home décor is not a static concept. It changes with time. You don’t need to pull down everything and start from scratch. Minor tweaks and turns can give fantastic results. Old tires can make excellent chairs, wine corks can become décor items and chairs can be remodelled to make them contemporary. See your space with an open mind and you would find endless opportunities to remodel everything around you. 


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