Tips To Decorate Around The Fireplace

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Tips To Decorate Around The Fireplace



Any home having a fireplace should definitely be decorated, especially with the onset of the holidays, when the festive time begins. Let us discuss some ideas for decorating your fireplace to bring out its natural beauty and charm.



The location of the fireplace is crucial as the décor depends on it as well. For instance, a bedroom fireplace looks different than one in the dining space, den, or living room. The one in your bedroom should have a cozy, intimate look that is special for the occupants of the room. If you are fond of pets, you can use animal-themed accent pillows with a matching throw for a rocking chair on the hearth. Include a coordinating mantel runner and a couple of wall pictures to complete the look.

Living room or kitchen

A living room fireplace can become the focal point of the area. Accompanying floral arrangements sitting in an unused fireplace center or on either side of the hearth add a warm touch. Fireplace tools, like tongs, a brush, and a poker for stirring the embers come in many designs and styles to match the room's decorating scheme. You can get a Mediterranean, early American, or French provincial style to suit the mood of your living room. Adorn the mantel with period antiques or accents to add color and design. Kitchen fireplaces have a quaint charm that can be accentuated via decorator pots and kettles, or baskets on the mantel and pewter urns across the top.

P.S. During the holidays don’t forget that you can hang your Christmas stockings!

Den or home office

When you arrange a fireplace in your den or home office, it could look semi-formal, with paperweights, books, and quill pens for effect. But it also may have accents like your favorite coffee cup, a planner, and a stylish quilt draped over a nearby rack when you stretch out on the leather sofa for a snooze or to catch up on your reading. Photos or busts of famous people and admirable mentors can round out the various types of décor you may want to include in your personal workspace area fireplace.

A universal technique that works every time is to liven up the area around the fireplace with candleholders and candles. They enhance aesthetic appeal and create a cozy ambience as well. You can place candles in glass jars as well. There is lots of variety available when it comes to fireplace décor – get creative and let your imagination do the rest!


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