Top Bathroom Renovation Tips

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Top Bathroom Renovation Tips

A bathroom is no longer regarded as “just another room in the house”. Apart from its obvious purpose, it plays an integral role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home. You need to keep it in top condition at all times so you can pamper yourself and relax in a luxurious environment.

Start with Planning

Planning is first step to successful bathroom renovation as it is necessary to reduce the stress involved in the daunting process. Mapping out what is needed ensures that the project can be finished on time sans any issues. Figure out everything starting from layout, wall color, fixtures, etc. so you can buy them before beginning.


While DIY doesn’t mean you have to do everything by yourself, stuff like color selection, demolition, installation of some fittings such as hooks and towel rails etc. can easily be accomplished. It can save you lot of money which can be used in buying other bathroom products.


Natural Lighting

When you use natural lighting in the bathroom, it incorporates the illusion of more space, thus making your bathroom look bigger and less cluttered. Nothing is worse than a messy and overcrowded bathroom, so make sure the room feels open with a fresh ambience. A good place to provide natural lighting is by adding a window or a skylight in bathroom. A window is lucrative option as it could provide sufficient natural lighting as well as good exterior view to enjoy.

Bathtub or Shower Enclosure

Bathtubs look extremely elegant and do a wonderful job in enhancing the visual appeal of the bathroom. If you don’t have sufficient space for a bathroom, opt for a shower enclosure instead. They look great and impart a wholesome look. Before buying, please make sure that the bathtub or shower enclosure can be easily installed and matches the overall color scheme of your bathroom.

Install Stylish Vanities

Bathroom vanities are the rage these days. These units are practical and look attractive at the same time – opt for one with a large mirror, sink, and cabinets for storage purposes. Couples can buy double vanities too.  They can be made of stainless, PVC, glass, fiber glass, aluminum, marble, granite etc. Although wood is generally used to manufacture pieces that have a vintage look, some modern units are being styles with wood finishes like cherry, oak, teak, and mahogany.

Chalk out a renovation plan, follow it step-by-step and you can get the job done within a reasonable period of time.

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