Treat Your Leather Furniture For A Long Lasting Life

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Treat Your Leather Furniture For A Long Lasting Life



When we think of luxurious and comfortable furniture, the first thing that comes to our mind is leather couches. Leather looks and feels a million bucks. Leather furniture is also most durable and low-maintenance. If you take proper care of them they would last a lifetime, giving you value for your money.


Different Types of Leather



Not many of us are aware of the different types of leather that are used to make furniture. The two major types of leather are unprotected leather and protected leather. 


The unprotected leather, also called aniline leather is soft and luxurious. It is dyed but no surface pigment color is added. No protective coating is also added, making it sensitive to staining. This type of leather is costlier and feels softer and richer.


Protected leather is more common. It looks more uniform and soft. It is treated with a protective cover that increases its life. 


How To Take Care of Your Leather Furniture



Simple things like dusting with a soft cloth daily are enough to maintain your leather couches. No matter how much you read about DIY solutions to clean the leather, stay away from them. Regular dusting ensures that the leather looks bright and prevents dust particles from getting into the creases. 


Vacuum cleaning at regular intervals is ideal to bring out the dust and debris that get into the crevices.


Another easy way to protect furniture made of leather is to keep them covered. They would require less dusting and cleaning. However, make it a point to cover the furniture fully when not in use.


Nourish Your Leather Furniture


Along with cleaning, condition your leather furniture regularly. Use suitable products like a saddle soap or a non-detergent liquid soap to clean the leather. You may also get commercial leather conditioners to maintain the furniture and also increase their lifespan.


It is easier to handle protected leather as they already come with protective layers and most commercial solutions or distilled water can be safely used on them. For unprotected leather, you have to be more careful as they tend to get scratched and stained easily. Use only clean, soft and dry cloth to dust them. Only use approved leather condition to clean them, if necessary.


Be Careful With Your Leather Furniture


Apart from these steps, you must follow certain don’ts to protect your leather couches. Leather is a natural element and hence may get damaged by heat and sunlight. They may get stiff or develop cracks if placed near the fireplace. Avoid placing them near windows that get direct sunlight.


Do not let stains or spills to set in. Immediately blot it with a dry cloth. Let the areas spot-dry. 


With these simple tips, you can keep your leather couches look vibrant and luxurious for years, adding elegance to your home décor.




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