Wedding Décor Planning – Things You Need To Remember

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Wedding Décor Planning – Things You Need To Remember 



The wedding is the most memorable event of our life. We all want it to be perfectly beautiful. Planning the wedding is an overwhelming task keeping in mind the number of things we have to take care of. Of all these, the wedding decoration is the most important one. Let us see how you can do the wedding décor planning so that your wedding becomes the most gorgeous. 


The Wedding Décor – Things You Have To Take Care Of


The broad categories that you have to consider while planning the wedding décor are the ceremony décor, dinner table décor, and reception décor.

The venue would play a great role in deciding how to plan the wedding. Venues like old castles, halls, and outdoor settings require less decoration as the places offer stunning views. However, for indoor locations like reception halls, you may have to start from scratch. 



If you are hiring a wedding planner, you just need to state how you want the wedding to be decorated. Choosing a theme, selecting the flowers and other items should be minutely tracked to make sure everything happens according to your will.


If you are decorating on your own, you have to plan things with ample time in hand. The wedding cards, venue and the menu need to be decided at least 2-3 months before the big day. Buy the wedding dress and the accessories keeping in mind the theme of the wedding. 


One month prior to the wedding, book the florist and the baker. Check online for designs that catch your fancy and get the things you need for decoration.



Planning The Ceremony


For the ceremony, you have to design the welcome sign, program display, the aisle ceremony arch, and backdrop. Make sure the table is properly decorated and the order of events sign is put up nicely.


Next comes the dinner table. It deserves a lot of attention. You need to decorate it according to the theme and make sure that all the elements like the table runner, placemats, and chairback design are well-coordinated. Flowers are the most common item used for table decoration but you can make the table decoration stand out by using natural objects like pieces of wood, seashells or even small toys.



The reception is a gala event that requires minute planning and execution. From the photo booth to the gift table, use your creativity so that the guests can feel your personal touch. 


Adding a touch of humor to the menu sign or the gift table would make your wedding more memorable. 


 Planning the wedding decoration from beforehand would enable you to remain stress-free and enjoy the day. So, make it a point to jot down all the ideas and plan your day accordingly.

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