Elements of Classic Design

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Classic Design Elements in the New Traditional Style


Today the decorating style of choice combines classic design elements with fresh colors and furniture from different periods for a new traditional style. This style is elegant and sophisticated yet simple. According to the article “What is the New Traditional Style” on Better Homes and Gardens.com, the new traditional style is characterized by:

  • Formal furniture with more comfort, sleeker forms, and personal touches.
  • Classic seating silhouettes in a larger scale. 
  • Reproduction cabinets to hold media equipment.
  • Freedom to mix finishes and periods.

When you create the new traditional style you are also creating a timeless design by including classic design elements. Classic design elements such as gilded mirrors, antique or reproduction pieces, and neutrals help to create the timeless look. By adding diverse pieces from different eras, unexpected pops of color, and updating rugs and lamp shades, you create a new traditional style.

We thought it would be interesting to look at some of the classic design elements that can be included in the new traditional style.



In the article “How to Achieve the Look of Timeless Design” on freshome.com, the author writes, “Neutrals have a strong presence in traditional home décor….beiges, grays and off-whites have a strong presence in traditional homes.” Neutral colors create a great canvas to then bring in some other more updated colors that pop. And bhg.com states that the new traditional style has added more “atmospheric colors” such as sage, celadon, sky or aqua blue mixed with chocolate brown for contrast.



Comfortable Formal Furniture

Use formal furniture with comfortable designs, and add in personal touches for decorating. These days everyone is looking for comfort. You can still have formal furniture and not have to sacrifice being comfortable. For instance, take a look at our Adele Love Chair and our Cambridge Arm Chair for classic, formal-style furniture that has been brought into the updated sublime comfort arena.


Classic Seating with Larger Pieces

The new traditional style incorporates classic seating elements but uses larger pieces than the former traditional style did. Larger ottomans and benches provide spaces for eating and putting your feet up. Larger beds and dressers create more useable furniture for today’s lifestyles. Visit our selection of Living Room and Bedroom furniture for items that can pull the classic design elements into your living space.


Mix and Match

Creating the new traditional style gives you freedom to mix different styles of furniture, décor, and different finishes of wood with leather, metal, or mirrors. You don’t have to adhere to everything matching and having the same colors in each piece as with the traditional style of decorating. The classic design elements are still there but with a more eclectic twist. Add in decorative touches with accessories like lighting, lamps, mirrors, and wall art to really take it up a notch.


Be sure to visit Select Home Décor and More to take a look at all the items you need to create the new traditional style using classic design elements! We would love to help you create a beautiful, comfortable, and updated space for your home!


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