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Top Four Trends for 2017


Classic style never goes “out of style.” The famous style icon Coco Chanel said “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” Ralph Lauren said “Classic is something that’s timeless, enduring. The things that never go out of style.” Certain aspects of entertaining in style will always be constants, such as a pretty table setting with cloth napkins and silverware. However, style can also exhibit your own individuality--like using fruit for a table decoration or mix-and-match dishes.

Just as clothing fashion each year has trends, so does entertaining in style. The trend adds a little something to the classic view. So, we thought you might be wondering what the trends are for 2017 in entertaining. What is this year bringing in popularity that you need to know before planning that next event?  Select Home Décor and More offers the Top Four Trends for 2017 as we see them.


Old-school cocktails and more

2017 will see a return in doing things “old-school.” In the beverage aspect of entertaining, the trend is to offer cocktails like Manhattans, Dark & Stormy, Old Fashioned, and other classics like hot toddies. According to The Daily Meal in their article on 2017 trends, making the entire menu from scratch instead of using caterers is a classic that is included in the old-school trend.  And, even setting up a make-your-own cocktail or food bar is trendy--a great way to keep you from having to do everything!


Glamour is definitely in this year. This means you can use silver, gold, and anything glitzy. Salonniere.com says “high style and glamour” are returning. In getting it right, think of “city chic instead of country cool.” The rustic style of the past few years using woodsy and Mason jar themes is definitely out and being replaced with Champagne flutes, gold plate chargers and silver candlesticks! Linen tablecloths and napkins with nice finishes are in line with the glamour trend. Everything this year will be much more refined and edited for that touch of today’s glamour. Visit our Kitchen collection for beautiful ideas like our Burnham chargers and serving bowls that can add a touch of glamour to your entertaining!


Splashes of Color

This year neutrals are the backdrops in your décor and splashes of deep bold color accents that pop are the accents. Neutrals like gray and beige create the overall canvas as you use greens, blues, and pinks for accenting. Beautiful hues like emerald and cat-eye greens, lapis and sea blues, as well as bright pinks are going to be very popular in 2017--not as the main colors—only accents. You can bring the color in with napkins, placemats, flowers and vases at the cocktail bar, the hors d’oeuvres bar, or the dining table to keep it on-trend. Browse through our collection of Decor like the Lockwood Runner that can help create your canvas.



This year continues with the trend seen the past few years of having activities at your party. Activities are a great way to let guests who may not want to make small talk or watch a game find their fun at the party. According to msn.com in the article “8 Entertaining Trends to Embrace in 2017,” activities to keep people occupied and engaged is a very big trend in 2017. In this article, the author suggests “a central activity, such as playing board games…or singing karaoke will be key to getting all of your guests engaged this year.”

In summary, going “old school,” exuding glamour, using colors for accents, and setting up activities are the top 4 trends for 2017 that can bring your entertaining in style up-to-date. Have fun with the planning and execution. And remember that connecting with people and showing some style puts icing on the cake of life! (We said it and you can quote us!)


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