Outdoor Lighting Trends for 2017

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Top 3 Outdoor Lighting Trends


As more homeowners are expanding their living space outdoors, the need for different types of lighting for those outdoor spaces is growing. Technology is providing new lighting designed just for outdoor spaces. Here at Select Home Décor and More we feel that a well-lit space with just the right ambience makes all the difference between having a spot outside simply for grilling and having a truly live-able space for enjoying the environment, reading, talking, or entertaining. And we know that you’ll want a space that everyone gravitates towards.

HGTV, in their article “Outdoor Landscape Lighting,” says “Good lighting can bring Zen-like qualities to any setting. You can rediscover the perimeter of your property, make it fun to entertain and highlight points of interest, such as sculptures or fountains.”


This year’s trends show the advancement in technology and design in outdoor lighting as has been necessitated by consumers. So that you can benefit from these trends that reflect the latest, let’s look at this year’s top 3 trends for outdoor lighting.


LED Lights

LED lights aren’t just for the dashboard in your car any more. LED lights are a huge trend in outdoor lighting because they are practical and affordable. LED lights have really benefited from advances in technology by using less energy and by lasting much longer than previous options. According to InstallItDirect.com in their blog on landscape lighting trends for 2017, LED lights “now come in an array of warm and cool light color choices that work for a wider variety of projects.” So, now you can have many choices that can give you different feels for your outdoor space!


Moonlight Simulation

There is something magical about being outside on a clear night with the sky lit by a full moon. The only problem is that scenario only comes around once in a while. Well, now you can simulate moonlight through your outdoor lighting and have the effect all the time! This trend amazingly has the look of natural light. Not only can this lighting set a mood it can also be used to increase the security around your property. Achieve the full-moon effect by installing down lights at least 20 feet above the ground in trees or on structures.


Task Lighting

Now homeowners are doing more than just lighting the grill area—they are transforming more space in their yards to usable living areas. People are using their outdoor spaces for more work and play activities like computer and tablet use as well as playing games. These uses of outdoor space have necessitated the need for task lighting. We are seeing the growing trend for lighting that is both functional and an attractive part of your overall landscape design. As a part of this trend, many new types of fixtures for outdoors are being offered to create a variety of decors.

So, to re-cap, the 3 big trends in outdoor lighting for 2017 are LEDs, moonlight lighting, and task lighting. Be sure to browse through our great selections of outdoor lighting, we invite you to take a look at the Forge Brookridge 2-Light Sconce, Farmstead Outdoor Pendant, or Bayou Outdoor Gas Ceiling Lantern in Aged Copper--to add just the right light and ambience to your outdoor space!


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